Sell more contacts, do less work

Bring your business online. Enhance your patient experience, improve capture rates, and streamline workflows with Otto.

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Your business, online

Your patients are online, and you should be too. Give them the customer experience they’ve come to expect in the 21st century.

  • Foster patient loyalty with your brand on full display
  • Sell contacts, eyedrops, vitamins, and more online, with direct shipping
  • Integrated with your suppliers for easy order fulfillment
  • Sleek, modern design, optimized for mobile or desktop
  • Embeds directly into your website

Never miss another sale

Don’t sit back while patients get poached by the big guys. Timely, automated refill reminders and two-click reorders help improve your capture rates and keep your patients yours.

  • Automated SMS and email refill reminders, just when patients need them
  • Patients can buy in seconds with custom click-to-order links
  • Subscriptions for automated recurring refills
  • No enrolment, no account setup, no passwords for patients to forget

Otto-mate your Dry Eye business

Sell hundreds of drops, wipes, vitamins and more, online, hassle-free. Don’t already sell OTCs? Why not start now?

in partnership with

  • Direct-to-patient shipping
  • Refill reminders, quick re-orders, and even subscriptions, for all your Dry Eye products
  • Your webstore, your branding; keep your patients yours
  • Set your own pricing or use ours
  • Offer hundreds of SKUs; forget about inventory or minimum order quantities

Convert more annual supplies with intelligent Contact Lens Quotes

Detailed price quotes help you sell more annual contact lens supplies by showing patients where savings are possible.

  • Show savings after discounts and rebates, with comparative per-box pricing
  • Incorporate insurance coverage
  • Easily convert quotes to sales with click-to-order and scan-to-order

Other cool things Otto can do

  • Win back patients who walk with custom sms/email order links
  • All-in-one contact lens order management platform, integrated with your suppliers
  • Fully integrated, automated vendor rebate management
  • Keep buying from your current suppliers
  • Sell more annual contact lens supplies with intelligent price quotes
  • Flexible and easy-to-manage pricing
  • Allow patients to use their insurance benefits
  • Interactive insights dashboard
  • Financial reporting
  • Personal, fast human support. Always free
  • Integrated, secure payment processing
  • Prescription expiry notifications
  • SMS order pick-up notifications

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Setup is simple

Think setting up a webstore sounds daunting? Think again. Get set up with Otto in 20 minutes or less.

  1. Create an Otto account
  2. Add your branding, send us your pricing, and connect your supplier and bank accounts
  3. Copy/paste your Otto store embed code into your website
  4. Start putting Otto to work

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