Sell more contacts, do less work

Improve the customer experience, drive contact lens sales, and streamline workflows with Otto.

Customer Relationship Management Meets Order Automation

Otto keeps customers engaged between store visits and provides simple options for ordering contact lenses, while a streamlined fulfillment process frees up time for your staff.

Sales Generation

Otto drives sales by making it impossibly easy for customers to order contact lenses. No app download or account setup required.

  • 1-click re-orders
  • Intelligent refill reminders
  • Automated order fulfillment
  • Order widget for your website

Streamlined Order Management

We’ve partnered with your suppliers to fully streamline your contact lens order management process.

  • Manage all your orders in one place
  • 2-click re-order for existing patients
  • Automated re-order fulfillment
  • Keep buying from your suppliers

Set it and forget it

Sell contact lenses while you sleep

Otto automatically captures and facilitates refill orders on your behalf, so you can generate recurring revenue and provide an unmatched customer experience without lifting a finger.

Step 1

Step 1

Fit and sell contacts exactly as you do today

Step 1

Step 2

Order the lenses using Otto’s integrated platform

Step 1

Step 3

Otto generates and fulfills refill sales on your behalf

Step 1

Step 4

See Step 3

Never miss a sale

Improve your capture rate and win back patients who walk

Patients who leave the practice with nothing but a prescription or trial lenses are likely to shop around and may never come back. Recapture these sales by sending a custom message that allows them to order their contacts with a single click.

A true Omni-channel solution

Powerful recall and re-order tools for retail and online customers, alike

Otto integrates directly into your retail operation, so all contact lens patients enjoy the same amazing customer experience, whether or not they’ve ever been to your website.

Take all the credit

Otto is fully white labelled for a consistent customer experience

Otto’s interfaces are customized with your logo and colors so patients feel comfortable that they are continuing to do business with the eyecare practice that they know and trust.

Effortless for all

Automatic enrolment means no tedious data entry for your staff or your patients

Enrollment happens automatically, so your staff aren’t tasked with any additional data entry, and patients realize the full benefit of Otto without the need to register themselves, download an app, or even set a password.

Work smart, not hard

Streamlined workflows free up valuable staff time

Centralized purchasing, automated order fulfillment, integrated rebate management, and AI-powered customer notifications mean less time entering data or playing phone tag with your customers and more time doing the things that make your business special.

Pricing & Features

Only Pay for Results

No up-front or monthly fees

Unlimited free orders from your suppliers

Pay only when Otto brings you sales


  • Automated sales generation and fulfillment
  • Improve capture rates by sending custom offers
  • Centralized contact lens order management platform
  • Contact lens subscriptions
  • Custom “Quick Re-Order” links and QR codes for patients
  • Secure credit card payment processing
  • Integrated rebates
  • Electronic pickup notifications
  • Flexible volume pricing
  • Electronic payment receipts via email or SMS
  • Multi-vendor stock orders
  • Complete contact lens product catalog
  • Auto-populate orders for existing patients
  • Reduce data entry errors with input validation
  • Financial reporting
  • Multi-location support
  • And more…